Sunday, July 17, 2005

Where are all the real jobs?

Where are all the real jobs? I mean the ones that 95% of the working class are looking for. Looking in the paper I see jobs for management, computer specialists, healthcare, therapists of all sorts, corporate execs, book keepers and so on
. It just seems to keep going in the way of either high end 4 year degree jobs or low end jobs that pay only enough for you to buy gas to get to work. Also, everyone wants you to have experience for even the worst jobs. Here is one that I have seen many times over my years. Even back when I was a twenty year old looking for work. The job, Parts counter sales help. Every single ad that I've ever seen wanted the candidate to have two years prior experience. Now how in the world does anyone get two years experience, when you already have to have, two years experience????

There was another job that I came across a week or so ago. It made me scratch my head but I can't remember now exactly what the job was. The ad did say though that they wanted an entry level assistant manager. Willing to train the right person. Qualifications were, you had to be at least twenty years old and have a four year degree. Starting salary was somewhere around $20,000 to $28,000 a year to start depending on experience.
Now, if a person that is twenty and holds a four year degree in anything, wouldn't be looking for a job that paid that little now would they? Nah! They'd be some kind of fricken genius already heading up some multi-million dollar start up that began in Mom and Dads basement.

Job interviews now at my age are hard to get. Everyone wants the kid who went to State Party Central University and slept his/her way through school on mamma's and daddies money. It does not matter that the kid partied and stayed drunk the whole time screwing anything that walked. They squeaked by and got a four year degree because they wanted to be kids until their twenties living off the parents. They have no work experience but get the job anyway and kill companies because they don't know how to work. These are the ones that I suspect want to send all the jobs overseas to boost corporate earnings. They are the bullshitters that know how to manipulate and are spoiled brats. They are also the ones who don't pay their college loans back because Mom and Dad will cover their butts again as usual. They believe that everything is owed to them and take no responsibility for their actions. These are the ENRON TYPES. The ones that run for government office so they never have to actually do anything productive. They are the cheaters.

The ones that actually did earn their degree, can't get a job in their field because they don't know how to manipulate and bully. So they wind up digging ditches or working in fast food to pay back their college loan. They won't allow Mom and Dad to pick up after them and bail them out of a tight. These are the ones who worked while going to college and the ones that I'd want heading up a corporate giant. I'd work for this type of degree holder anytime. These people have worth that companies are to blind to see.

People like me are over qualified as I have been told so many times. What the hell is that? Over qualified. It's another way to say your to old and we don't want you because you may actually know something about how things really work in the real world.

Franchises are all the rage now. But get this hoopla. To open one up you have to have a net worth near $500,00 some $1,000,000 and have a few $100,000 in the bank already. If I was worth that much I'd already be on easy street and wouldn't need a franchise. I'd be hanging with Hugh Hefner and vacationing at the Hawaiian Islands with a bunch of women in topless bikinis.


SemiMBA said...

Actually, a great number of employers don't like the new generation of kids these days. They refer to them as "the entitlement generation". Meaning of course these kids think they are entitled to everything. They refuse to do menial work (as in entry level) and expect the $100K salary to start even when they have nothing to prove that they are worth that much. They buy expensive clothes, drive expensive cars, and drink expensive drinks (I am a well-man myself - all tastes the same to me!), and yet still live with mommie and daddy.

I have a 26 year old Nephew who is a classic example. He spent 4 years in JC, another 3 years at UCSB and got a degree in Sociology (what do you do with that??). He then goofs off for another 2 years and finally takes his GMAT's to get into graduate school - and only gets a 415 (which is in the 15% percentile - in other words only University of Phoenix would take him). All of this on his parents dime. I told my wife that this will NEVER happen with our kids - I will pay for the first 4 years. After that, join the service, beg, borrow or steal- you are outta here and I am going to spend the money on my own dope! (just kidding)

And you think you ramble on and on! I ramble too! Good luck with the job hunting


WooleyBugger said...

You are right that many believe everything should be handed to them. Around this small city I live in, the case has been to give these grads good jobs without a track record. I also worked for a couple of these types when I was younger in Georgia. Their parents knew somebody who knew somebody who gave them a job because of the parents. They stepped right in over people who had worked for years there and deserved the position.
Both of these fellows drove the best cars and wore the best suits. One would even party all night, then sleep in his office most of the morning. (I'm not kidding)
He went around all day sniffing and wipeing at his nose. Turns out he was a coke head. We were floored when after that got around he still got a promotion.

He's probably homeless now. Who knows.