Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hurting Lies

Mama, It's been going around
That you've been all over town
Telling hurting lies on me

Saying that I've been doing
Things so they will ruin
Any respect that I ever had

Mama you know it's all untrue
What did I ever do so bad to you
That you would want to take me down

Mama, you have been talking behind my back
Hope I have a heart attack
So you can dance on when I'm in the ground

Well, I have never met you girl
And we never had a whirl
You'll never be in any of my dreams

Ahhh - Mama, you saw me play guitar
Down in some old smoky bar
That's the closest we've ever been

So girl let me tell you this
I've never even met you miss
All these people think your a clown

Just go get back in your car
Go try out some other bar
All your time just wasting on me

Cause your charms won't work on me
Your charms don't work on me
Your charms and me will never be.

1 comment:

MB said...

Hey man, i've been at a friends house the past few days and his computer is too slow for me to send an e-mail. I'll be home tonight and get that sent to you. Thanks for the help.