Friday, August 05, 2005

Concert promotion can be a tough experience and is not for the weak kneed. I had done plenty of research on the subject before I jumped into it. I thought that I knew what to expect. No amount of reading and research will prepare you for it all the way. It is something that you have to actually do to find out what is involved. If you don't like hard work and many hours then forget it. But, once you get one under your belt you will have learned some tough lessons that will help you with the next one.

Now, I had been in contact with a couple of big time promoters when getting ready to do my first one. One in particular was a great help and I poured over the information that he gave me from his successes and failures. A few of his words were very blunt and somewhat harsh. But, everything I was told was up front and honest.

I am preparing to do another one as I won't give up on it. The rewards can be extremely rewarding. I have fallen hard and had to carry it through to the end. Even though I lost big time on the first one, I held my head up against all the odds that were stacked against me and finished what I set out to do. Just one more person to pay off debt to and then I'll do it again.
I believe that some people think that I am done with it because I have not relayed my plans to anyone yet.

But I'll be back better than before.

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