Saturday, August 06, 2005

Illegal immigrants, I wish the Government would stop ramming this crap down our throats about how illegals contribute to our economy. Its a crock of of steaming bull. I wish that I had kept the paper that I had that was talking about the millions, the millions that are coming across the borders. Then they want us to provide for them and give them all this free this and free that. The local paper even has articles trying to make us feel sorry for them and their plight.
First off, they are illegals and therefore the only thing we should give them is a one way ticket to out of here. If they wish to come here and live legally, I have no problem with that. Even commercials now are being broadcast in Spanish. According to the DMV in North Carolina, There are thousands of Mexicans that registered their automobiles here but never paid the vehicle taxes. So, that's money that the state is losing and we the tax payers must make up the difference in lost revenue. Officials have said that they can't collect because the illegals move around to much.
You see, in North Carolina, they don't make you pay for vehicle tax at the time of tag procurement. No! They bill you for that later.
When I lived in Georgia, you had to pay all taxes and tag fees at the time you renewed your tag. Can't pay the tax, then no tags. Plain and simple I thought. That's another thing, most have no auto insurance. They get the cheapest insurance so they can get a tag then let insurance lapse.

Here is another crock. When an illegal comes over here and the women have a child, the Government says the child is then a Mexican American and thusly, is entitled to all rights as an American. They don't want to punish the child because the parents are illegal.
But lets look back for a second in my dusty mind. It seems to me that a teacher once explained to our class many years ago about being born in another country. She told us that if someone in our class had a parent that was pregnant and say those parents went to England or Spain on a vacation or business trip, even though the child was born over seas, that didn't mean they were citizens of that country. Your parents are legal residents of America and that makes you a US citizen regardless of where your born. I mean if that wasn't the case, then why are all these children of American parents that were born overseas still Americans. Get it.

So these illegals that have children here are not American citizens, and their children, just because they are born on our soil, are not American either.

Now back to all the illegals crossing our borders everyday. I forget how many that they say get here every year illegally. But I wonder how they can give us such firm numbers in their so-called reports. I mean, where exactly are they getting this info? And if they are standing there counting them as they come across, then why the hell aren't they sending them back? Jeez the stupidity of it all makes me wonder whose watching anything.

And about the language barrier and our catering to them by everything here having Spanish and English on it, what the heck is that all about? Can you think of any other foreign group that America has done that for ever in such mass proportions. Add to that the television ads that are now plastered all over the screen.

Quit sugar coating the whole mess to make it sound good because the officials aren't doing their job.

ARRRGGGGGHHHHH . It makes me angry


Billy Jones said...

Take a chill-pill, Dude... ;-)

I admit illegal immigration is a problem, but it's not nearly as big a problem as our current and future trade deficit is going to be.

Hey, how's the new job going?

WooleyBugger said...

Come on now, you know that its a growing problem that needs to be addressed. They don't pay for auto insurance except to get a tag and then let it cancel out. Not to mention other taxes that they don't pay because they have illegal and fake SS cards and what not.

I don't have a problem with the ones that come here legally and go through the proper channels. But face it man, if they snuck across the border than they are illegal and we have no idea what or who they are.

Our country needs to start focusing on our own people and quit trying to save the world of those who turn their backs on us in an instant.

Remember what my wife did for a living for years and saw the problem straight up in the case of auto accidents and driving violations not to mention the rise in gang activity. And that was before the massive influx that is going on now. Is it fair that we have to pay their medical and subsidised housing with our tax dollars. There are plenty of deserving american citizens that can't get help from our own government. But they go out of their way to help these aliens.
My son had a couple of children in his class that could barely speak english, yet my sons school thought it important that our kids learn some spanish. Didn't see any classes for the spanish speaking children to learn english.

Oh, and thanks, the job is going alright. Not exactely what I want to do but will pay the bills hopefully. I had looked at truck driving again and have not completely written that possibility off yet. I learned that some community colleges have the program at a much better price than a trucking school.