Monday, August 08, 2005

Cups in the sink when I get home and I don't get it.
I am the dishwasher in the house. After every meal it is I who has to do the dishes. Now, the fact that I have to do the dishes does not bother me one bit. The wife does the cooking so I should be the one to do the cleanup.

But, what I don't get is how, when I get home from work, that the sink is full of so many dishes that you'd think five people had been here. My son is the worst one when it comes to using cups. Instead of rinsing out one cup, he will use a different one every time he gets something to drink. Not to mention that his cups of milk lay around all day and leave a ring that is tough to get out.
We have both gotten on to him about it at different times. We, his parents, have both seen him get something to drink and then thirty minutes later see him walking around with a different cup. Today there were six cups in the sink waiting for me when I got home and a host of dish ware to boot. Now this might seem a bit picky to you but what it is, is a bit of laziness on his part. He is eleven and he has been taught how to do his part in washing but its like pulling teeth. Getting him to make up the bed is just as bad. When confronted, he says he didn't have time cause he was in to much of a hurry.

I tried doing what my parents did to me when I was a kid and would leave cups and plates laying around the house during the summer. I'd get home and find them on my bed. My wife didn't like that idea much. One of the few times that I did it, he came out of his room with a scowl on his face. He actually stood there and tried to scold me for it.
I said "look son. We have been on you about this for some time now. From now on you will find them in your room if left around the house. I'm the parent and you are the child. You will not use that tone or look with me. Understand?"
"But, but ..." He says
"Do you understand me?" I question.

He nods his head as he stomps off to the kitchen with his load.
So at least he now puts them in the sink.
Now if I can get him to put down his video games for fifteen minutes out of his busy day to wash them up. Better yet would be for him to rinse out just one cup a day and use it. Being that he always has something to drink with him through the day.

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