Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So now Bush gets concerned with health costs rising.

Health cost is through the roof as most people very well know. Mine was taking half of my pay every month. It got to the point that it was getting hard to pay my other bills much less put food on the table. It felt like I was at mother hubbards house each time I looked on the pantry. So I left that job just this month as the health insurance went up yet again. Now at my new job I can get coverage for around seventy one dollars a week. Granted it is a temporary job at the moment, but I had no choice in the matter. So now Bush says that he is concerned about all of us who are getting hit hard with rising health costs. Congress and all don't really care about it you know. Why? Because they get theirs for free for life from us. We pay their medical costs and they get another free ride.

I was scheduling surgery while still with the previous insurance company but had to put that on hold as our company was fixing to switch. So when they did, I received a call from the surgeons office that the new insurance company had approved the surgery. But there was a catch to it. Being that I had not met the deductible yet (well Duh ) I was required to pay five hundred dollars up front first. I didn't have nor would I be able to because my wife's car had broken down and cost around four hundred to fix. Then my truck broke down right after that and cost me over six hundred to get it fixed.
And here is another kicker. After the company had just moved to the new health insurance carrier, my son had to be taken to the emergency room in the middle of the night. He came out just fine and we are grateful for that. However, I get a letter from the insurance company that they are only going to cover part of the bill. We have to make up the other two hundred or so ourselves.

So I ask you, after paying $778 for the premium a month, what good is insurance if you get socked with half or more of the bill anyway?
Health insurance is a loose cannon out there and they don't care about anything except the stock holders. I mean, you pay such a large amount and they refuse to cover almost everything.
Not to mention that they can lie to you and tell you anything and you have no recourse.
I know what I'm talking about because we have been in contact several times at the insurance commissions office.

My son even got turned down by social security because he won a settlement in court when he almost died at the day care he was at when he was two years old. The money is in a trust fund for him until he is around twenty four years old. He is eleven now and has been shut out for getting what he deserves health coverage wise.
Oh. And my wife and I did check into getting our own coverage but the considered her a high risk and wanted to penalize her because she has to be on thyroid medication the rest of her life. And my son........ Well they turned him down flat.

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Blue Cross of California said...

It's about time Bush thinks about the health care system. Health insurance is a major aspect to many and something should be done to improve situations.