Sunday, August 21, 2005

No Lottery again? The vast majority has spoken and said that a lottery is wanted here in North Carolina. It's just stupid not to have one here. After all, tickets are being bought by North Carolinians who spend millions every year in surrounding states.
It just proves that our state Representatives do not listen to us nor care one iota what we think or want. They don't want to hear us on anything. They feel that they are above and beyond all of us and do as they please. They are not the voice of the people. They are the voice of themselves and that is who matters most to them. Not us.

Get those old mothball ways of thinking hay wagon riders out of there and let's get in some younger ones that have today's thinking in mind. It is ludicrous for them to say that not only the poor would spend more money on a lottery but the rest of us too. They think that all of us can't decide on our own how to spend our money. So they wish to keep deciding it for us. And what they wish us to spend it all on is them. Who do they think that they are kidding up there.

Shoot, people are spending the money already outside the state. Who do they thing that they are: treating us like kindergarten children who need to be told what they want. They would prefer that we just turn over all of our money to them whenever they decide that they need a pay raise. They all can't get together on anything themselves like a bunch of school kids arguing on bills and laws that we have to many of already. I see the old men snoozing away on the Television when the sessions are televised. The speaker on the floor will be just talking away while the rest of the disinterested room is talking amongst themselves about different things. Heck, they make enough already for doing nothing. I need a job doing that. I can sit there and read my paper, drinking coffee and taking nap's every hour to earn a large undeserved wage.

All you have to do is say a few words against the other guy and then call it a day. "Mr. Speaker. I'd like to ad my comment on that please. Lottery good. Help lots of people and the State too. I have done my days work so I'll be heading down to the golf course now. See you all tomorrow."
And don't tell me that they have to have the two or three houses and that their travel expenses and living expenses are more important than ours.

It looks to me as if the majority has already spoken, and loudly enough to be heard.
Maybe what all of our representatives need are better hearing aids so they can hear us better.
Who are they representing? It's surely not me. Is it you?

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WooleyBugger said...

Well heck. Look what my blog did. They read it and voted the lottery in.
Man do I feel important now. hehe