Sunday, August 21, 2005

The space shuttle. What a huge waste of money of another flying albatross. What good is the program for anything anyhow? Has it done anything for world hunger or perhaps finding cures for disease. It is clear to see that the safety, once again, takes the back burner over all else. Those things are nothing more than orbiting coffins just waiting for disaster to strike out at those who ride inside. Like captives to the corporate machine.

Why all the hoopla of exploring the moon was razed long ago is beyond me. We got there and walked around a bit. Brought back some moon rock and dust while leaving our trash behind. Most everyone at the time thought that it would lead to a new beginning of some sort. Only the very rich and powerful would have lived there anyway. It's a joke to think that all of the rest of us would have been able to afford the price of entry to the paradise of the rich. We would have been made slave laborer's to the wealthy. Those of us who would have been chosen to go there. The dreams of building great city's there died out too. Maybe it was because that there was nothing that we could destroy or pollute fast enough. Nobody to kill and take anything from to claim victory for all man kind.

The money, time and effort would be much better to put to use right here on earth. Feed the hungry, cloth the poor and finance health care for all. Now that would be an accomplishment to be proud of. Something of real substance instead of putting lives at stake for nothing really.

All of the space shuttles should be grounded for all time. The only benefit to the space program for man kind is if we built a big prison on the moon. Now that would serve a real purpose.

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