Friday, August 12, 2005

The Rolling Stones concert at Boston's Fenway Park on August the twenty first will be the biggest ticket scalping event to date. Ameriquest, the main sponsor of the concert, gave Arnold Schwarzenegger more than three dozen center stage and luxury box seats. The key word here is gave.

It has been reported that Arnold will host a private reception for forty guests who give $10,000 a piece to his campaign account. Guests who give a whopping $100,000 a piece to Arnold's November eighth special election, will be invited to watch the concert with Arnold in a luxury box seat.

Now, I like the Stones and I like Arnold as an actor but isn't ticket scalping a crime? Usually, complementary tickets have a stamp on them that reads something like "Not for sale" or "Complimentary" or close to that. The sale of these tickets and for anything other than face value is against the law. By putting a price on them instead of giving them for free as they were given to him is, like I said, illegal.

I think that it is plain to see what Arnold's agenda is actually aimed at. Political gain at someone else's expense.
Besides, the prices he has set are such a ludicrous amount. He would have been better off just inviting a bunch of well deserving tax payers as it would have gone further for his credibility as a humanitarian. Not to mention boosting his reputation as a man for the people.

Come on Arnold, aren't you being a little bit greedy here. I can just see others in court now when caught for scalping tickets so they can feed their families for a week. "Your Honor. Why is it okay for a politician but the man on the street goes to jail?"

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