Thursday, August 11, 2005

New job is ok, not great but ok. I'm still keeping my eye out for something that I may wish to really do.
Don't want to forget that I'd still like to get the Motorcycle magazine going on a shoe string budget. Easy Rider and Playboy started on a show string. You did know that both of those were put together on a kitchen table, right? There wasn't a ton of money to sink into it at the time. I have been told, and shown, that it would take big bucks to get something like this off of the ground these days. I wonder if Hugh was told that in the beginning also.
I have to get something off of the ground or I will go bonkers.

You aren't going to make the big time working for someone else and gain the satisfaction either.

The concert promotion gig is not ready to be canned yet but don't know how I'm going to pull another one off.
I just can't remember how many times that I've been told that I have some good business ideas. And there have been so many. The ultimate killer of each one has been the lack of funds. Just how do you get up funds these days without a large bank roll? Determination is not good enough in these times.

At one time I was working on building up a small engine repair shop. After several years of being small, it finally started to grow out of my shoestring budget. My garage was full of Rider mowers and the tiny shop crammed with push mowers and other equipment too. I also would go to peoples homes to do repairs and larger repair jobs I would pick up and bring back for free.
The catch of going bigger and full time was the need for a building and a license to be able to buy parts at the shop owners rate. I had all the forms from the big engine suppliers but needed a business address and building for them to sell to me. The city would not give me a license to work from home even if it was just a mobile repair shop. It also stated that anything work related would have to be left in my truck and never brought onto my residential address.
Any way, that being the case, I was at the point that I either had to grow or quit. I couldn't grow because I couldn't afford a building right off the bat and now the city even said that I could not do any repairs out of my home anymore.
So I was stuck because you can't make money and cover overhead when you can only buy parts at the regular market price from another repair shop.

Oh well, Maybe somehow I can get the magazine going on a small basis because that is one job, like the concert business, that you can do from home. You know, a home office type of deal that is legal to do because its not considered industrial like repairs.

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