Thursday, August 11, 2005

Starting all Over at Age forty three

I thought that I was somebody
Then I found out that I wasn’t
I worked hard each and every day
While others just wanted to play

Can’t believe how the company did me
After all, It was I, never called in sick
Hardly ever even took a vacation day
All the years invested playing the game

Made sure I was always on time
Not like a lot of those others you see
Who came and went it just seemed
To always do just as they pleased

Promises were made and they asked me to stay
Believed all their lies, four years to the day
Was expected to keep on and run the show
While the bosses decided to vacation and go

Gave me more work but without the pay
I surely regret it all to this day
Company loyalty is what they still want
Employee loyalty, is something for not

Starting all over again, at age forty three
It is slowly, so slowly killing me
No one to talk to, they wish not to hear
I would go get drunk, but I’d fail, I fear

Wake up in the morning, stomach in knots
Now working for wages that pay very little
I feel like a failure and others see me that way
After all I’ve been nowhere, the sky is so gray

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