Friday, September 09, 2005

9/11 is upon us once again and how appropriate that it falls on Sunday. It also comes at a time of great tragedy and loss of life in the form of Hurricane Katrina.
Join me this year from your home with the release of a white helium filled balloon of hope or a black balloon to mark the remembrance of a loved one lost.

I'll be sending three balloons to the heavens this Sunday. One for a personal loss, one for the victims and their families of 9/11 and finally, one white balloon of hope for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Poverty does not discriminate and neither should we.


Ryan Kathleen said...

Hey, just me again... I like your idea of the balloons and believe me, I will be joining you. I grew up in New Jersey, and remember clearly 9/11. It's a sad day for many, those who lost family, friends who lost friends, and for everyone who was so used to seeing the Twin Towers everyday. If anything, that last one is the hardest.
Talk to you later, Rye

WooleyBugger said...

Hi ryan, glad you dropped by. Sorry that I left so many long comments on your site. What you say there is really interesting and maks me think. Gasp. hehe

(Note to people.)Yes, I do actually have a brain and use it

I'll be sending up my balloons tomorrow and glad you will to. Who knows, maybe it will become something large and you can say you were in at the beginning.