Friday, September 09, 2005

FEMA and it's new blunder is now another uplifting idea for the Katrina victims to be burdened with. Add insult to injury why don't you. Give them all false hope to be getting a two thousand dollar debit card and then take it back. Only some will get the card as they now want to direct deposit it. Deposit it where? These are people who don't have a way to get news of this except by word of mouth. Plus, FEMA says that they will have to go the regular route of going to a website to file for it.
Now I ask you this. How many of those people have access to a computer? How many of them have a bank where the direct deposit can be dropped and after that, what are they supposed to be able to get to it with? It takes time to set up an account at a bank, then more time to get your info in the mail so you can use a bank card. They don't have a mail box or an address anymore. FEMA says that all of this will be expedited. Now is that a laugh or what.
FEMA can't do the simplest thing and we are supposed to believe that they can pull this off in a timely fast acting move?
How many of those people didn't even have a bank account in the first place? The one's that did have a bank account, was it a local town bank that has now been destroyed?

FEMA is not thinking that all of these people are displaced and have lost everything and do not have the usual avenues in which to gain access to what we all take for granted.

These people need that money now. Plus, if your very poor you don't have a computer anyway to register for aid. Duh!!!!! Dummies. How are these people going to prove who they are? All of their records are lost now or destroyed by the storm.

Jeez Louise. Is this our Masters degree wielding officials that are running things? Now I'm really scared as hell.

Oh. They have the book smarts alright but no common street sense at all.

Hell. FEMA workers in the field didn't even know about any of this. Communication, nit wits, with your own people should be the first order of business. And I'm the one with little education.

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