Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blasphemy these high prices and taxes. What does big government do to help the situation? Why sit on their hands of course. The tax man keeps raising tax on everything even though so many are out of work. So what do they do ? Raise taxes to the rest of us working stiffs until they drive us out of jobs and homes. The rich don't seem to mind now. But just wait until all of the rest of us are out of work because we can no longer keep up with our bills. Then it will be the rich who have to support us as the taxes get bigger to offset everything else. The Government job holders will then be let go one by one until they are gone. Oh what will the rich do then?

Those idiots up there pick the worst time to raise taxes. I mean, what are they thinking? Those idiots. Plants closing down all over, and more to come now that Cafta/Gafta (Georges American Free Trade Agreement ) or Stafta ( Stick it To Americans Free Trade Agreement) is here. Eventually it all will roll down hill and smack them upside their dumb asses.

Higher cigarette taxes, property taxes, Gas prices, lost jobs, and on and on. The economy is getting better they say. Yes, but for whom. It sure isn't the ones who actually make the country turn I'll tell you that.
How do they expect us to buy anything without any money. Shoot, Most of us are not going to be able to afford driving to work much longer.

Thanks Bush for are you've done for us..... NOT!

Oh great.
Now my spell checker quit working. Must have been due to Federal spending cut backs. Or else the job was out sourced to some company over seas. The first four letters of source are SOUR and that's the taste I have in my mouth thanks to our current so called leader.

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