Saturday, September 17, 2005

Daddy couldn't save him this time because he was arrested in Texas and, the Uncle Prez was not around to get him off. I'm talking about the son of Florida's Gov. Jeb Bush, who was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

John Ellis Bush, 21, is also, of course, the nephew of President George Bush.
The Florida Bush's have had their daughter, Noelle Bush, on the wrong side of the law before as well. She was arrested back in 2002 for using a fake prescription to obtain Xanax.

I guess that these kids just figure that being who their parents and relatives are, makes them above the law.
It probably is hard being these kids with powerful relatives to not push the envelope when they are kids. But come on. John Bush is 21 years old and should be over that kid stuff.
I can just imagine him being a show off and saying to the Police "Do you know who I am? Why I'm the Presidents nephew and my Father is the Governor of Florida. SO you better just think about what your doing or you'll be sorry."

Me personally, I think that the arresting officers should be given a raise and promotion for not giving favoritism.
It won't win them any points though when young John becomes a senator so he too can be above everyone else no matter how bad he screws up.

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