Friday, September 16, 2005

Operation "Back Stabber" is slated to begin in January of next year under the new DTD (Death to Drugs) Special Trafficking Enforcement Partners department ( S.T.E.P'D ) . This is an elite group of Law Enforcement personal from every single organization, charged with capturing and deleting drug dealers from the top down.

It has been noted that by arresting street level dealers, this just does not get the job done.
The teams will be comprised of two officers from each organization which will make up a platoon. All information will be shared equally of all aspects of this massive move. No holding back from other department heads any longer. Communication is the key here.
They will come absolutely, without notice, strike at any hour, place or street. Their mode of transportation will change from month to month. No stereotypical SUV's anymore.

Most of the information comes from within the dealers own network, hence the term "Back Stabber." Many meth labs are already being taken down as a practice maneuver across the U.S in many smaller Cities and Towns. Other heavy drug dealers will have all of their assets taken, and, the burden of proof will be on them. Bank accounts, vehicles, any and all property will become evidence of the U.S and not the local agencies.

Anyone who allows a suspected drug dealer to live in their home are also subject (Most probably) to having anything they own being seized, as aiding and abetting the drug trade. In other words, they are just as guilty and the old "I had know idea," will be up to the federal court system to find out.

All Known drug trafficker's will be put under immediate arrest with no bonds to be set until a Grand Jury decides if and when. This process may take in itself, a period of from four to six years to come to trial. No time served while pending trial will apply.
The bonds, if allowed, will have to be payable up front and in cash. This might make it difficult for someone who has had everything seized.

Murder will be one of the top counts to be charged to each offender. As users and children become victim's of the drug trade, the dealer being removed from the actual user and his/her crime will not be a defense. Drug dealers cause all of this and will be thusly charged. It had to start somewhere, and the top is the best place to start.
It's a trickle down effect. How else do you stop a leaking Dam from flooding into the cities and small towns? You cut off the source of the leak where it starts.

Some fear that this may become a mob effect in itself, with notorious Dealers disappearing from the face of the earth without a trace. Who knows?
Smaller Cities and Towns in the Southern States seems to be where most of this will take place early next year. So many traffickers are known to be operating in these smaller areas trying to go un-noticed. Not anymore.

The larger Cities will be the next targets as the push will continue.

(Note) Part truth Part fiction.

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