Monday, September 12, 2005

Hooray! Mike Brown steps down as head of FEMA. He was obviously a total incompetence : as it will be seen that others of this presidency are as well. This was just to hot to be swept under the rug, The Katrina response, and forgotten about with fast talking and retort. Even Bush could not spin his rhetoric to save this one.

Mike Brown was called back to Washington and basically what happened is : he was given the choice to resign and keep his retirement or, be fired and lose everything.

These aren't the type of college graduates that we need running our country. Bush only wants yes people on board with him.

What we need are college grads with balls enough and duty enough to represent the public and our nation with truth , fairness and the ability to really truly listen to the voters. Looks like this Republican all for me attitude is going to be the worst in our history. We don't need another presidency that goes around with ear plugs and blinders on.

Bush's slogan should be "All for me and me for one."

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