Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A poem for all of our veterans, current, past, future, man or woman, black, white or otherwise. Honor and duty has no gender, color issues or religious differences. We should never forget what they put on the line for us each and everyday. They do their duty and we should do our duty to support all of our troops.

~ DEBT ~

Young mens lives forever lost
Is it ever worth the cost
Pictures of men who lived and died
Honestly, I almost cried

Sitting in my room so warm
While they fight, enemy storm
I shall get down on bended knee
For the freedom that you’ve given me

Never been in a battle zone
Debt to you all that I own
Some will say I have no right
But because of you, I sleep at night

Will Bow my head at the wall
Give my thanks, those that stood tall
I was but a little tyke
When you fought like hell, day and night

Enduring battle, these men did pray
Oh God, please Lord, not today
Protesters at home, Stop! they cried
While across the world .... a soldier died


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