Saturday, September 03, 2005

I only eat my own lunch and don't share. Am I such an asshole that I won't share my lunch with anyone ? I think not and here is why.
Friday, when lunch break came, I went into the rest room ( Why is it called a rest room anyway ? Shouldn't it be called a relief room instead?) to take a leak and then wash my hands. Sure, it was only me who would be eating my lunch so why wash up? But, I know were my hands have been and I wash up anytime I've been in the rest room.

So like I started to say, I go in and there and this fellow is in one of the stalls. A green cloud (Not literally) was coming up and over the stall permeating the room. It smelled like he had eaten a three day old dead horse or something. You know, the type of smell that has you trying to take a leak and wash up fast so you can quit holding your breath. But, your one eyed dragon decides to hide from the smell too so it takes longer.

Well, I get over to the sink and wash up (with soap I might add) with hot water. While I'm doing this, the stall door opens and this fellow just waltzes right on out the door towards the lunch room. I dry off my hands and use the towel to open the door. (By the way, I also turn off the sink in public restrooms by using my elbow to push the handle down. If it's a sit down job, I use my knee to flush. Paranoid you say; I bet.)
Reaching the lunchroom to get some ice for my drink, I see this same fellow eating lunch and talking with his friends. They have a bag of chips there and they are all digging their hands in the bag. I'm sorry, but the picture of him sitting on the john wiping his butt enters my head while he and his friends gladly share lunch. Eee yuck.

That is why I don't share my lunch with anyone unless I know that they have washed up. Preferably I have seen them as we wash up together. I even keep a bottle of disinfectant hand wash in my truck.
It sticks out in my mind when one time while at the hospital for one of my sons operations, the nurse wanted to show us something after being in the rest room. It was something that they were doing to show kids about how important it is to wash after doing your business. They didn't tell the kids what they were doing until they came out of the restroom. Then they had this special light that they would shine on your hands. It would illuminate bacteria left on your hands if you hadn't washed well or at all. My kid failed and luckily when she did it to me out of my son's curiosity, mine looked pretty well washed.

Even to this day, I still have to tell my son to go wash up for dinner before he starts putting his hands on the food. Of course he whines and stomps off as he looks towards his mother to come to his aid against me. I call out behind him "and make sure you use the soap. Don't just run the water over your hands." I can't begin to tell you how many times he rushed in and out in less than three seconds in the past.

Ever had food poisoning ? I have and it ain't something I care to endure again if I can help it. I don't wish to get hepatitis neither as my wife has had from work. It almost killed her back in the eighties. Can't remember when the last time was that I got sick. It will happen again no doubt but not like some who get the runs and cramps all the time. LOL

Just a little Food for Thought as it were.


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