Saturday, September 03, 2005

Talk about saving gas with the high prices we see right now. Most all of my driving years has been spent in four cylinder or V6 vehicles. Now I will admit that at one point I had some V8 powered cars. I had a 1966 2-door Ford galaxy with a 390. Then there were my two Camaros, one a Berlinetta and the other a Big block 396 with an 850 double pumper putting out around five hundred horses. However, with the exception of the Berlinetta that got fantastic gas mileage, these other cars were my weekend toys. During the work week I drove mundane four bangers or V6's to work. All of my V8's sat most of the time only being driven occasionally.
I can't leave out the motorcycles that I have owned but they were not daily transport either.

What my actual point about all of this is, while I and many others have tried to drive vehicles with gas saving small engines, others continue to buy and drive huge gas guzzling vehicles. What is the thinking of one person in such a huge freight train sized box that gets eight or nine miles per gallon. It just makes no sense at all. Now you hear them all crying the blues because it costs nearly a hundred dollar bill to just go across town. These are the same ones that would barrel down on you and think like they were God almighty of the road. And, you should move over and bow down to them for getting in their way.
But now look, while their vehicles have to stop and fill up at every station, I can keep moving happily along for more miles and with less money. They can't give those big behemoths away no matter what they offer.

Who knows what the American thinking is of auto manufacturers to keep making these stupid road hog boxes. Now Japan is getting on the wagon with those huge trucks of theirs. It doesn't matter how much horse power the darn things make if you can't afford to drive it anyhow.

Let's not forget the cities that you have to stop at every single traffic light and sit there even when nobody is coming the other way. You just sit there wasting gas. Cities like Burlington NC have not re-synchronized their lights in years although they have added more on at about every intersection there is. Graham North Carolina is not much better.
To tell the truth, where I used to work, it would have been only a five minute drive. This is what it took when and if I could catch the lights just right. Mostly though, it took me fifteen minutes because of the sorry timing of the lights.
I work in Swepsonville at the moment and it takes me twenty two minutes to get there. Most of this time is spent stopping at all the lights from Burlington and Graham. I have to keep stopping and starting, stopping and starting. That wastes a ton of gas needlessly. It would be longer if I was in rush hour traffic, which isn't really rushing when you think about it. But I have to be at work early, which goes against my natural ability to sleep as late as I like, so I even miss the school bus traffic.

So fix these lights Burlington and Graham and we can all save more gas. It sucks to sit on Webb Avenue being able to see every other light green until you get there. The one your at is red and when it turns green, the one in front of you turns red. Used to be a time when you could hit all the green lights if you did the speed limit. Taint so any more.


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