Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Time Warner Cable sure makes it hard for you to get an actual live person on the phone to have a problem fixed.

Tonight, in my city, a thunder storm rolled in around seven P.M. this evening. We had gone out to see a local football game that was done up to help raise funds for the local Red Cross. All the proceeds are for the Katrina victims. After the game started the storm rolled up and canceled the game. So, like the others, we went home to catch some T.V. so my wife could watch her favorite show--House-- at eight o'clock.

What we have is no cable because of the storm. Our neighbors cable is out also.
I grabbed the cable bill to find a number to call to report the problem. There are two numbers on the bill but none that pertain to getting the problem reported. I call and have to push all these numbers in, but still no option to report a problem. So I look in the phone book and find the same two numbers.

My next option, go on-line and find somewhere there to report the problem. I click on the options for contact at two separate places. What do I get? A bunch of ads to purchase cable or pay the bill or get a phone through them etc etc etc. No contact information to report a problem with the cable T.V.

All they want to do is sell you something but they don't want you to be able to report a problem. You can't even get a live person on any of the lines. Just a bunch of garbage.

Maybe I should get a Dish instead or just cancel cable.

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