Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well, I'm on the hunt for another job at the moment. Working at Honda itself is not bad at all and I'm beginning to like it better each day. Thing is though, is you have to go through a Temp service to work there. I have spoken with both long term Honda employee's as well as other temps who have been there for quite awhile. Not to mention that I have met several people now, outside of work, who used to work through the temp at Honda.

Some of these temp employee's have been working there for two or three years and still making temp wages. These people are hard workers and keep hoping to be hired full time. But, as the many ones that I have met that used to work there, one man at two different times for a total of four years, and he never got on full time.
The place had rather hire temps who they do not have to cover with vacation, holidays, insurance or anything else. Now the pay the temp employee receives is only a fraction of what the Temp service gets. Plus, if you want insurance of any form, you have to pay for it yourself. No benefits is the name of the game here.

When I first applied at the service I was told one thing about the pay but find out it is something different all together. The temp service just wants to herd you in at the job fairs, like cattle to slaughter. They don't like you asking questions and only want answers. No one on one about anything. The woman who is running the temp office down here kept getting short with people who asked anything. I had to ask questions over and over and keep repeating things she asked. She would get agitated at anything other than what she wanted you to know. She gets a quota to fill for jobs and that is all the temp service really cares about. Rush you in and rush you out.

Today I went to get my check, because my direct deposit hadn't been activated yet until today I found out, I was told it should go direct in now. I have to check with the bank Friday to see if it went in. The temp service does not follow up with you on anything at all.

I was told originally during the cattle drive that the pay through the temp would go up to $9 or so an hour after six months. Now today I find out that is not the case. $8.50 is the top they will pay and because of a glitch at the office, I am at the $8.50 an hour now. So what happens, they are going to cut my pay $10.00 a week until the six month period is up. That hurts bad at that rate of pay and my paying out $71 dollars a week for family health coverage. I can't afford to by my gas and pay my bills on that kind of pay. I was given the impression that after six months, Honda, if you had done a good job would hire you on full time. I was told that pay was in the range of $12 or maybe a bit more then.

All of this is simply not the case. The temp representative told me today that he had heard that there had been a lot of mis-information put out from the main office during the job fair. There has been so much shady goings on with this temp thing that I am not happy with at all. They have a thirty thousand dollar a year employee for a pittance. I can't make it on that kind of wages. At that rate of pay I can't pay my bills and my wife has to work harder to make up the difference and it is making me deeply depressed. I can't even afford to save up anything to start my own business up on that. I don't mind working hard but I expect to be paid more closely what I am worth and be able to make a living. If something major happens with my house or vehicles, I'm screwed at this point.

So, I'm going to have to move on quicker than I had anticipated. I'm going to ask the Honda boss what my chances are of getting on full time and what that pay is. If I get a song and dance routine and it is made clear to me that I have a long time to wait, then I'm outta there as fast as I can find something better. I'm looking everywhere I can and talking to anyone I know who may know of something.

My cousin in-law has told me that if it didn't work out at Honda to give her a call. She knows several places that she could put in a good word for me and help open some doors.

Look out cousin. Here I come.

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