Thursday, October 06, 2005


I forgot to post this the other day.
I think that October the fourth should be a national day of thanks to all those that keep us safe and come to our rescue in times of need.

Law Enforcement, Fire personal, Dispatchers, School Crossing walk guards, Ambulance personal, Animal Control, Street crews, Sanitation workers. They all do things that are very important to all of our lives health and safety. All of them are important, but, we pay sports and movie stars outrageous amounts of money for things that just don't really truly deserve that kind of support. More often than not, an officer has to work extra duty jobs just to make ends meet. And we think we have it tough.

They all use a Ten code therefore, October the fourth (10-4) should be the day we take the time to thank them all for what they do for us. You may also wish to read Corinthians 10:4 and see how it relates.

If you ever had any real idea of what a Police officer sees and has to deal with each and every day, most of you could not handle it. It's not like Television of the movies. Crime scenes are messy and gut wrenching things to see. They see the ugliest side of life and we get pissed because they give us a speeding ticket. You should thank them for not having to process a scene of your dead and mashed body to put it bluntly. How many gun shot or murder victims have you seen in your life? How many dead children have you pulled from a dumpster or roadside ditch?

And you wonder why they have Choir practice at the end of their rotating shifts.

Think about that next time you see an Officer working his beat. 10-4?

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