Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The sky was a beautiful sight tonight as I was standing outside letting the dogs do their thing. A peacefulness came over me like I have not experienced in a long time. Looking up at the sky, I noticed that the sunset, at 7:25, had made the clouds the most wonderful shade of purple. Purple mountain majesties settled in my mind and I was humming it before realizing it.
A couple of crickets began chirping in the cool nights air. Even the sounds of a distant train coming a mile away and a dog barking in the distance just all felt .... So good.
I felt a heavy burden lift off my shoulders and all the world, for me, felt so calm. It was like a fog lifting and allowing me to see things clearly, if even just for tonight.

I'm thankful that God was smiling down on me. You See, I believe in God, just, maybe not the way everyone else does. But I do believe.

Most people think of me as some uncaring hard assed person who doesn't love a thing. And I have been told that more than once. You'd be wrong.
Many are the things and kindness I have shown others. I just don't broadcast it and wear it like a badge to say " Hey! Look at me!"

Harleys are music to my ears and just enjoying something without a lot of talk is music to me too. People miss so much because they won't shut up long enough to really truly hear and feel. A barking dog in the distance is great music. A simple thing. A simple thing.

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