Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gmail. Man do I love my gmail account for getting messages. A friend of mine turned me onto it when we were starting our business venture. I am so glad that he got me to try it out from the beginning.
I can access my email...er...ummmm, I mean, Gmail from any computer anywhere. I am not just tied down to my home or work system anymore. If I travel and want to read my messages, no problem at all. If I am at someone else's home or office and need to check my messages, well I still can. As long as the person has a computer, well, it's at my finger tips to get or send a note to someone.

If you want to have more than one Gmail address for what ever reason, it is no problem at all. This can also help you to sort your msg's so the address is intune to what you are looking for.

Gmail is Foogle perfect and just keeps getting better all the time. I absolutely love mine so go get yours and you will to.

Get your own personal Gmail at http://gmail.com. No! There is no www. before it either .... in case you wondered.

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