Monday, October 24, 2005

There's a Spider

There’s a spider on my wall
Its not hurting much at all
My wife, she wishes it not there
She won’t like it in the bed

There’s a spider in the hall
Its not doing much at all
Its just sort of hanging there
Don’t want it falling in my hair

There’s a spider crawling on the floor
He snuck right in under the door
Moving fast to try and not be seen
Why he looks to be , kinda mean

I attacked him with a spider spray
He danced a jig then ran off to play
It then came back wanting more
Then ran off behind a door

That old spider went in the den
Thought I saw him , but the light was dim
Oh! He won’t eat much , so they say
Not if I catch him, not after today

Well I found that spider in my bed
It woke me crawling cross my head
A frightening feeling that I did dread
I smashed him flat ..., now he’s dead

WooleyB / PR

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