Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lynyrd Skynyrd is still my favorite band of all time and will always be. Twenty eight years later, after the plane crash, Ronnie's voice and lyrics get to the core of my being. He was a man with a great band who had a lot to say and ....... say it they did. From "Free Bird" to "Down South Jukin" to "Simple Man" and beyond, the man sung from the deepest depths of his soul.
The song about Curtis Lowe presents such a grand vision in my mind of this little barefoot kid. His going around and searching the roadside for Soda bottles to cash in to give to the black man who can play the hell out of an old Dobro, its just plain to see it. I can see this kid all wide eyed sitting on the porch with this whiskey drinking man all weathered of face playing and singing.

I'll never forget when I heard the news of the planes crash on October 20, 1977. Leaving from a show in Greenville South Carolina for another show to be performed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; the plane ran short on fuel because of having to run the engine rich to keep it in the air. I was so numb and in a fog for a week at the sad news. Sitting in my room at home, spinning their records, playing my bass guitar and singing all the words that I knew by heart.

I wrote down this song lyric/poem some years later. I hope you enjoy it.


Ronnie Steve and Cassie
Why did you have to go
You told everyone
That you had another show

Why did you have to be in such a rush
Why didn't you all just stay and ride the bus
You all went up to the sky ....... in that damned ole bird
That did not want to fly

All us people down on the ground
When we heard the news no one could make a sound
We all were just in such a shock
Wishing we could turn back the clock

All your fans their still out there
We think of you all year after year
Skynyrd fans man through and through
We all hoped and prayed you'd made it too

Ronnie Steve and Cassie
Oh why did you have to go
You know you told everyone
That you had another show

Copyright lyrics /Paul R


Justin Kreutzmann said...

They were pretty great. Wished I'd seen them back in the day.

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks Justin for visiting my site. You do great work.

They, "Skynyrd" recorded in Doraville Ga which was not all that far from my home at the time.

Remember Atlanta's Rythem section? "Doraville. Country country in the city. Doraville, it's not much but it's home"

It's not a Skynyrd song but it's the song that put Doraville on the map .... at least for awhile.