Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Weapons in the house is something that I have been around for a long time.
My first shotgun was a twelve gauge that I still own. When I was single, I kept my guns all over the house. I did put trigger locks on them, except for the 44 Magnum which was my sleeping partner, in case they were stolen or something. Even took it with me where ever I went, fully loaded with hollow points, because a girl friends stepfather was a lunatic. He was the abusive sort to women and kids and a drunkard. I got a call on more than one occasion in the middle of the night to rescue my girlfriend and her two kids from one of his rages. I'd drive over and load them all into the cab of my old truck and bring them to my place. When I would get there, I'd wait outside as the kids would run out as soon as they saw my truck. One time they left the door of the house open and I could see and hear the drunkard bashing up the place with a ball bat. I knew better than to go into his house as if the cops came, I'd be the one arrested.

After several of these episodes, the drunkard had another bad rage and threatened to kill me and my girlfriends two brothers if he saw us. What it was with me was, the bastard wanted to screw my girlfriend and it pissed him off that she didn't want him.
Because I rode a motorcycle and wore my leather bike jacket, he hated me for being a biker type in his thinking. Plus, he knew I carried. He never came after me because he was only a tough guy when he was drunk or when he was beating up women. But I'd have drilled him a few big holes had he come after me with a bat.

Down the rode, when I started my family, my wife and I bought each other one gift for Christmas. A gun safe.
It is like Fort Knox and only I have a key and my wife has hers well hidden. We knew that kids would be around and the last thing we wanted was an accidental shooting with them finding a loose gun lying around. I just didn't feel safe enough with the trigger locks.

I can't tell you how many people, her mother included, that thought that it was the stupidest thing they had ever heard of. A husband and wife pooling their money for just one gift for each other at Christmas. Especially a gun safe.

I didn't think that and I still don't. I think that as parents, it was the most sensible gift we have ever bought.

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