Thursday, October 13, 2005

Carrying through is something that I have been told that I do not do. But I must say that those who have said it are incorrect in their statements.

Seems that most things that I have tried have not worked out for the best. It is not that I didn't carry it through. Rather, I kept at it until it fizzled out. Most ventures take money and I have not much of that. Its not that I don't carry things through but I have become well learned in when it is time to quit beating the dead horse. It's not going to run anymore and feeding it becomes fruitless. Then trying to drag it along is a strain that only gets you further behind.

So I stop and find another horse to ride. If the business does not give a return after you have tried and tried, it's time to move on. You just can't start a business in your city homes back yard the way many were started years ago. Cities put a clamp on things and will fine you big time if your caught. Most suppliers will not even sell to you now if you do not have an actual building from which to conduct business.

I have one business that I still have not given up on yet and it is one that you can do from home. It is tough and hard however the outcome and the process of putting it all together is actually pretty fun. Only thing is, I have to build up some funds to do it again.
BUT, in the mean time, I have another business venture that I wish to embark on that has made my married half angry. This is one that is becoming a big thing elsewhere and I know that if I start it off small enough will grow faster than even I believe that it will. The money to get into it is not that much so I will go for it on the side and it will grow and grow. I'm tired of thinking and dreaming about it so I'm just going to go ahead and do it. I can think my self right out of things if I am not careful and someone else will do it and I'll be out. Time is a wasting.

I was told, in an heated argument, that just because my father started his own business back in the early sixties with only a few hundred dollars, does not mean that I can do it today. My parents had six mouths to feed when he gave up his full time job for the unknown. We lived mighty fine from what he did I might add and wasn't long before we had a much larger home and plenty of grand vacations to boot. Mom was able to stay at home and she got plenty of things that he wanted also. 'Times were different back then." they told me. And "The economy is not that good right now." they added.

I said " Well, if I keep waiting for all the moons and stars to be just right, it will never happen. Besides, I'm sure that my Grandfather probably told my father back then "Son, the economy is not just right and you just can't do something like that anymore like you could when I started my business. You can't just take your savings and take a chance like that today."

My house has three mouths to feed and I hate that my wife has to work so danged hard. Can't even remember when we had a real vacation and didn't have to worry about money all the time. I'm sick and tired of it all and the small side jobs do nothing but barely get you by. It takes everything just to survive and we are just hanging on by a thread week to week. I remember a time when we had a few bucks in the bank and it felt good. Not a huge sum mind you, just enough to fell more at ease.

So, I must do it and prove the nay Sayers wrong. It is something that I have had training in from my past but only now it is a much better way of doing it. Others in other parts of the country are doing it and finding it grows fast.

This one will work. I know it will be some hard work in one way but something that will get me away from what I am doing that is wreaking havoc on my body. Not to mention, it is something that I have always enjoyed doing.

It will be in or near Burlington North Carolina where I have found the opportunity is already here; as the companies that do this operation out of town being sent the business for the process. It just isn't done around here so companies truck it off to be done then bring the items back to their place.

I see the opportunity for it all over for individuals as well as companies. I can be the first here that does it other than one shop near here that only does it with customers cars. They do not want to pursue it the way I plan on doing it. They want to keep it as a side line and small. I want to grow it medium to large and be the one to go to for the jobs on a larger scale. Hopefully, I will be able to bring in a few people that I know well that I know would enjoy doing there expertise and making a nice living. Not to mention that it is environmentally friend not like the other old process.

Oh! This is just the thing to get in on the ground floor on.

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