Monday, October 10, 2005

Searching for a job with someone else is a big pain in the rear. I left one job that was a dead end only to get another that is turning out that way in a short time. The job I left paid more but things had gone sour. The new job just doesn't have the potential for the money I was making before. Plus, I was told that the pay would be better only, they didn't say at the time that it would take years to get there. Today I found out that you won't even reach eleven an hour until after three years. That's less than I was making before and I don't have those kinds of years that it will take to even get to what I left.

Another problem with job searching is that now I am considered over qualified. When I was younger, I kept hearing that I was under qualified and should learn new things to advance. It's the old carrot syndrome I guess.
It is not a job seekers market today as so many are in the pool looking for work. Some places may have three job openings but four hundred will apply for the same job. Now, if you want to take a job that you can't make a living with, you can find those all over.

Pay wages in North Carolina are way to low for most jobs now. These crappy employment companies pay you very little while they make big bucks off of you for doing nothing really. They didn't even find you a job that meets your skill level. The wages that I earn at the moment are what I was earning back in 1984. I'm working six days a week most the time and still only have $2.87 cents in my pocket and any this moment.

I'm not a single kid anymore that can get along on these low paying North Carolina jobs. I have a mortgage, a wife, two old vehicles, a child and bills to pay.
I have a small engine degree, have been a warehouse manager and a public servant in the past. All the experience that I have doesn't add up to a hill of beans now. Companies want cheap labor today and even what used to be a good paying job is not. Carolina has been hit hard with job losses and more everytime I turn around.

Hell! Even mortgage companies are selling homes to illegal aliens giving them an edge that legal Americans and legalized Mexican workers can't get. They say these illegals have saved up thousands of dollars to put down on a home and should be able to live the American dream. Hello! They are illegal here and why should they be put first over Legal Mexican workers and Natural Born American's ??? If I hadn't had to pay taxes all these years either, I could have a ton saved up as well. Plus, most of these illegals don't pay health insurance. They use the walk in clinics that WE pay for. The rest of us have to pay out the butt for insurance and part of that covers the health for these people.

What other industry can our Government take away from North Carolina to drive us further down. Then to make up for the lost jobs, local and state Government keeps raising taxes and utilities on us at every turn to cover the loss from illegals and business's that have shut down or moved over seas. They killed tobacco in Carolina and now the Mills too.

Fuel prices have climbed so high that airlines are going bankrupt and now truckers (Who bring everything you have) are having to call it quits because of high fuel costs. Truckers are planning an all out boycott and are thinking about parking the rigs.

Bush doesn't care about us. If you still think he does, you've been living in a cave. He's out for number one and that is all. He is killing this country every minute. He has done more to ruin the internal fabric of this country more than any other President ever.

People like me can't even get a business loan but minorities and illegal's are handed it on a silver platter that I made and paid for.

I have no problem with a legalized workers over here. No! Not at all. I am against the ones who sneak in and reap the benefits and rewards that they do not contribute to or deserve.

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