Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Being hung like a horse is not all it's cracked up to be.

1) Try going to the bathroom for some sit down time and you have to worry about that cold water in the bowl.
2) Finding a bathing suit that won't let you down is another common problem.
3) It's tough to find condoms that don't cut you in two.
4) Women have a bra to hold them in place.
5) Jogging can give you a real pain.
6) You need an extra long zipper for the dipper but nobody makes pants with those.
7) Forget dating petite women all together as it could cause her to need medical attention.
8) If your wife is pregnant, you can't have sex because you might give your child a permanent head dent.
9) The serial number on fully unrolled condom stretches large enough to actually read it
10) That embarrassing condom ring on your wallet crushes your credit cards.

All these Penis enlargement spam emails for pills, patches, creams and machines only do one thing for you. That is, to drain your wallet by playing on your insecurities. Why, I bet most of you felt you were just the right size before all these ads kept filling up your email boxes. Pretty soon they will probably start selling stuff that claims to make the women larger for "Your mans extra needed comfort."

Now if you could train it to pick things up like an elephant does with his trunk or tie your shoes so you don't have to bend over; now you would have something very useful indeed.


Bill said...

What I want to know, is who gave them my email addy in the first place!!

From the ads I get, soemone told them I was under-endowed, need anit-depressants, weight loss, more dates, better sex, a new mortgage, a better car, an MILF or two and more 'volume'...

When what I really need is an extra pair of hands and a large cash deposit!!

Who's in charge of the list anyway?

WooleyBugger said...

Maybe they are watching us all via satellite tracking our every move. Hmmm, now I know where that camera came from in the toilet bowl.

I think that actually a computer just puts in random addresses and spits them out. I was getting junk like it on my blog until I turned on the word verification. You know the ones like "I liked your blog. Please visit mine @ wwblah.grow huge.smut."