Friday, November 25, 2005

The Victory Junction Gang Camp Chronicle news letter for Fall 2005, just arrived in my mailbox today. I receive these for my working with them beginning in late 2003. My friend Billy Jones and I even have done some concert promotion for the cause.

I hope that some of you may wish to help out how ever you can. Log on to or for information email . There are so many programs for children out there but I think that you will find this one to be different. If you are able to give just a week of your time to help out in the camp or send just one single solitary dollar, it will be the dollar that helps to change more lives than you might imagine.
These are truly good people and their goal is not to raise huge funds to line their own pockets or expensive lavish things for themselves. It truly goes to the operation of the camp and it's young campers to give them the time of their lives. There absolutely is no other agenda but to make a difference in a child's life as that is Kyle and Patti Petty's influence.

A child may have a cloud hanging over their head when they arrive but rest assured, they'll be walking on top of it heads held high and smiling before the first day is through.

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