Saturday, November 26, 2005

Esteban! Just who is this man anyway that you may have seen on the new Geico insurance commercial sitting on top of the fridge playing his guitar while telling you that he just saved a bunch on his insurance. You may have even seen him on the informercial selling guitars. The man all dressed in black from his hat down to his boots. His deep voice and guitar playing permeating the air waves with an almost .... overly abundant amount of .... maybe a bit strange confidence.

Well he is not just some kook trying to sell you his guitars while he plays a few tunes between talking about the system he has to offer. No indeed. Esteban is a fantastic guitar player who plays with such style and decadence that you are captivated by his music. This is the type of music that you can sit back and close your eyes listening to and just let yourself drift away. If you ever liked Chet Atkins then you will like the style of Esteban even more.

This is no newcomer and he has certainly paid his dues through the years and lost his ability to play after a car accident. He struggled for ten years after the accident damaged his left arm just a year after studying music with Segovia. He studied under Andres Segovia in the seventies after a relentless never ending barrage of post cards sent to the master asking for just a chance over many years before getting the chance.

To learn more about him and to hear some of his wonderful music just go to his site . Listen to the Christmas music that is always playing in full and read his BIO. Then you will know more about Stephen Paul aka Esteban, an American Steel workers son from Pittsburgh who began playing at the age of eight and has molded his craft into such an awe inspiring way like no other.

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