Saturday, November 26, 2005

This is just a question as I am curious if this happens to others.

I can't tell you how many times that it used to occur at work. It even happens at the home front and I am made out to be the jerk when it happens.

At work I would be at my desk doing my job. I may be there for an hour going about my merry way doing what needs to be done. The phone rings and I pick it up finding a customer who needs a few questions answered before placing an order. We begin to discuss his needs as I go into the catalog to find just the thing. I make suggestions and he asks if it does this or does that. So I delve deeper in to get a better idea of what he needs this part to do. All of a sudden, a fellow employee would walk up with some paper work and begin to talk to me as if I'm not on the phone. Then another line rings and the receptionist puts them on hold and gets my attention to tell me Mr. So and so is on line three and wishes to speak to me. They need to talk right away. I look at the person standing there with the paper work and I point to the phone as I try to listen to what the man on the other end is trying to tell me. The person standing there then begins to blab once again. I lean back in my chair with a frown and gesture with quick points at my phone hoping they get the message.
The receptionist blurts out that Mr. So and so is still holding on line three and wishes to hold.
All this while I'm trying to handle the man on the phone who has a large account with us. I miss the last thing he has said and have to ask him to repeat himself. He does, we find a solution and he places the order.
The employee has walked away in a huff and figures out the problem on their own as I pick up line three only to have that Mr. So and so be angry because I made him wait so long. You know, the type who always wants to give you a hard time and then while your trying to answer their question they already know the answer. And, he was told you would be awhile and could I call them back.
In the mean time, a customer walks in who tries to come across as a big shot and throws his check book down right on top of the order form you are writing up an order on forcing you to look up. Brushing his check book aside continuing to write up the order as you look at him and nod hello.
He starts bombarding you with questions while you are still on the phone. So I cover the mouth piece and tell him I'll be with him in just a moment. He's a demanding sort who only comes in every so often but is always in such a hurry and hates waiting.
I finish up with Mr. So and so then turn my attention to the walk in and help him out but he wants the big guy price break for his piddley purchase. Then he rudely reaches over to turn my computer screen towards him to see what the previous customers prices are that I am entering in for processing. I turn it back and he gets angry at that motion. After his complaining he finally pays and leaves telling me that he is going to be a huge customer, probably my biggest if I play my cards right. Nuther words, he believes that I am going to bend over and kiss his behind. Even though he's been saying it for a couple of years and still only buys $100 worth. I smile and tell him to have a great day.

Then after stomping out all the fires at once, nothing happens for thirty minutes so I'm open to anyone in the office until .........Ring ring..Hello. Then an employee walks over to ask a question, a truck driver wants to talk right now about his route, a salesman appears wanting to show me his new wares and line two three and four are on hold for me. What are the others doing? All waiting on me I guess while they talk about personal things and tell jokes. Heck, I would even be in the restroom at work and have someone come in to ask a question or say someone was holding on the phone for me. Jeez louise take a message or see if you can help them. But nooo!!! I would be the only one these customers wanted to handle their accounts. This made me feel good but there were others they could give just a simple cut and dried order to.

It also made me feel accomplished when these customers found out I was leaving that job and moving and they told me that now they were worried about who would handle their accounts. They would miss working with me after all the years. I lost count on how many had invited me to their area for a meal and a place to stay when down that way during the years I worked there. "Come visit on your vacation" they would tell me or "Lets go do some hunting or fishing."
The Ryder truck company with whom we leased our rigs then even expressed their opinions on my leaving. We had a great working history together. Their service was exemplary and I had to go up against our corporate office when they wanted to move to another large leasing operation at a slightly lower cost. I showed them that yes, the cost was lower but the coverage and the service areas were not the best. We had a great track record with Ryder and I just could not see changing to save only a few bucks which in the long run would cost us more. Corporate agreed with my findings and we stayed with Ryder.
Best of all was that I had respect and I had worked hard to earn it. What I thought held muster and I enjoyed working at that company in Georgia. Now I'm at a cross roads as a temp service employee. Temps are treated as if they are total idiot losers who can't do anything.

But back to the main subject: It happens at home too sort of; the phone stuff and time thing. Nobody wants to talk until I'm either 1) in the toilet. 2) trying to read or watch a movie ( They always want to talk right at the climax of the movie) 3) when I get that second phone call during the whole week from a friend. Other than that, they never want to talk. aaarrrrggggg

Anyone else have this dilemma????


MadRocka said...

Oh I hate that kind of shit, it totally chaps my ass. What?? It does really and seems to happen all the time. Especially when I used towork out of the house and the kids see the little white thing attached to my ear and they come running "momma momma momma"... as if they are dying only to find out they're bored!

And the movie thing Oh Man! do not get me started. UGHHHHHHHH so yes... Sir WooleyBugg I feel your pain.

Gotta go roast is in the oven and Hubster will be home soon...


MadRocka said...

Yes I see my typos sorry I am in a bit of a rush... Love ya Babydoll

WooleyBugger said...

Hehehe. Aw shucks Mam, typos dunt meen a thang he'ya.