Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Massive Alamance County Drug Bust

A grand jury has indicted 23 people on charges
that they laundered money and conspired to distribute drugs in Alamance County North Carolina. Law enforcement officers seized $476,000 and 68 pounds of cocaine before dawn on Tuesday with more than 100 officers from state, federal, and local enforcement agencies spread out from the Town of Whitsett to Mebane.

According to an article in the Times News paper in Burlington North Carolina, the Burlington and Graham police departments began investigating drug crimes together back in 2002. They called in for the assistance of federal agencies when they realized they could not continue to invest the resources necessary.

It takes this kind of teamwork to battle and rid this county of drug traffickers. For several years this area seems to have been a hub for this type of illegal activity. It has even been rumored that some businesses in this county have been fronts for this drug dealing. Gerardo Alvarado is just one of such owners who ran the El Rey Nayar store on East Parker Street in Graham N.C.

Remember back in September on 9/23/05 that it was posted here about the Caswell County Deputies that arrested 12 dealers in their area.
Could this all be the work of S.T.E.P'D (Special Trafficking Enforcement Partners Department) and the DTD (Death to Drugs) programs mentioned here in an article, part truth part fiction, on 9/16/05 called "Operation Backstabber", and departments working together to rid this area of drug dealers? I don't know which ever it is but it's working.

Hmmmmm. I wonder if the drug dealers are getting the message yet from the warning posted here. Alamance County North Carolina Law Enforcement isn't playing around anymore. And you will never know who is watching you do your deals or when they are going to take you down. Maybe it would be best if you drug dealers just go ahead and pack up and leave. But then again, the Departments could use some more of your illegally gained possessions from your trade to take more of you down.

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