Thursday, November 10, 2005

Well folks, in case you didn't know it, another concert falls through the cracks before I even get it going good. I had a great local musician who has played in Nashville ready and willing to do it. No! he's not played the Grand Old Opry but he has played the Broken spoke and hob knobed with some famous ones too. Check him out at and go see this man play. You won't be disappointed I guareentee. And he was going to bring a few other great ones along with him for a fantastic Christmas show. But it looks like there is not an open spot at the venue as they are pretty booked up this year, and time is to close to get word out on it and get another place. These things take time to set up and I was rushing this one to quick to late.

So now I'll just start working towards a fourth of July 2006 concert. Now all I need is the fundage to get Mr. Winters and Skynyrd to show up for a Victory Junction Gang Charity concert. After all, I still owe them another show.

Maybe I'm aiming to high again. That's what we dreamers do you know. Plan BIG.

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