Monday, November 21, 2005

Well, here I am again with another late night. This week and past weekend has had me so busy that I can't accomplish everything I need to do.
Part of it may be that I am still fighting off this cold that kept me home in bed last Wednesday all day. Actually, I did go into work that day but just couldn't make it and went home after only an hour and fifteen minutes. So here I sit sipping on a bit of Rock and Rye cold remedy to make it better. But this darned cold has put me behind on articles and the new venture I'm embarking on after years of dreaming about it. Not to forget the few people that I need to contact, Bill Coupe for one, who is being very patient with me. And Thanksgiving week is always a busy time too.
I'm not much of a salesman as I have always let my work speak for me. So a large part of my venture will entail learning how to sell the idea. But more on that at a later date when it is more complete

I would like to mention that the music world has lost another one of it's all time greats with the passing of former Dunn North Carolina born guitar master, Link Wray. He died at his home in Denmark on November 5th with his family around him. He may be best known to most for 1959's 'Rawhide' tune. His power chord style of playing influenced many such as Pete Townshend, Neil Young and Bob Dylan to name only a few drops in the bucket of great guitarists.


Bill said...

Hey man.. not to worry... all things in their own time.

I hope you were able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving with the family and you've beaten back the cold!!

WooleyBugger said...

I had a really nice Thanksgiving over in Gibsonville. Only did one round at the table again this year and not piled up high. Being that a couple of years ago I was climbing the over two hundred pound level. Keeping around the mid one fifties nowadays.

Still doing the cough drops but it's mostly gone now. knock on wood.