Friday, December 09, 2005

Elon University sent me a nice job rejection letter in the mail.
I received one from the city a week ago also. It's tough being older and searching for work that you can actually make a living with. At least they both sent me a letter instead of just giving no reply what so ever like most places do.
When I was younger I kept being told I was under qualified but now it seems that I am over qualified for the positions I wish to try for. Not to forget to mention being told "We are afraid that you won't stay long after viewing your resume."
Jeez man, I've only worked full time at three places in my 24 years of adult employment. Plus, most jobs that I have done in the past and worked my way up through the ranks now requires a degree of some sort. Work experience means squat today with out that piece of paper. Being a loyal long term reliable get the job done employee does not mean a thing anymore. I can't tell you just how many resumes and applications that I have filled out and sent off during the last five months.

A friend of mine told me about jobs at Walmart as he is having to work a full time job and a part time one to support his family of five. He makes $13 an hour at his full time job and can't keep up with the bills and has no heat. At Walmart they told him the pay will be $7 an hour and they say that their pay is a fair pay. They also warned him about these Union people that try to get you to join the Union. Walmart seems to think that $7 an hour is great pay and don't want the Union in there.

At Walmart they also greet you with Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas for fear of all this "We don't want to upset and offend anyone by referring to Christ at Christmas." Well what about the majority of us that they are upsetting with their No Merry Christmas policy??????
But they will sure take your money for buying your Christmas decorations and presents there. I wonder if I walked in and start telling all the customers Merry Christmas if Walmart would have me arrested. Seeing how they are they probably would.

Like the Lady that was upset wrote to the local Paper this week about them greeting her with Happy Holidays and decided to go elsewhere to buy gifts. I'll do the same thing and I won't care how good their prices are.

Good by Walmart. You won't get anymore of my hard earned cash. And Walmart wonders why people boycott building stores in their Cities and Towns. And their low wages drives down the economy as well.
And just why do they think that this City is big enough to have two Walmarts is beyond me.

I wonder if when the movie 'It's a Wonderful life' comes on if they will replace Jimmy Stewart saying Merry Christmas everybody with a voice over as he runs through the town saying "Happy Holidays Everybody"?


MadRocka said...

I too can relate to the "sorry you're not this or that", on the job hunting. It is no fun, hang in there somone will hire you...

As for the Happy Holidays instead of CHRISTMAS... You know how I feel about that... All this political correctness crap makes me want to say BAH HUMBUG.

Well I am off to find some pain killers.... one handed typing is a pain in my arse

WooleyBugger said...

Yes. It certainly bites big time on both comments.

It was good talking with you today. I learned alot and I'm sure you have more to teach me. Keep up your writing as I always look forward to your writings and antics.

Now if I can just fiquire out how to get these doggone pictures in my email onto my blog page. arrrgggghhhh