Thursday, December 08, 2005

Icy conditions and work just don't mix well. At my day job in our morning meetings, they keep telling us about being safe while doing our work. But then it gets me at how they tell us " We expect you to be here even if there is ice or snow on the roads."

So the bottom line is, "get here or else because we don't care if you wreck your vehicle or injure yourself as long as you get here."

Man what is up with that mess? Should I risk having an accident and getting hurt or hurting someone else just for a measly few dollars. A temp job with no benefits. If I wreck my vehicle, then what? I'm still out of a job.

I wonder if they are responsible if I get in an accident to get to work because we are told to come in unless it is two feet of snow and ice on the ground. But of course we have to call in first to see if we are open in that case and if they say come in, then we are supposed to show up. Oh yes, if your late even by a few minutes your docked half a days pay anyway. Is it worth the price for me or you?

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