Sunday, December 11, 2005

Just an Old Utility Trailer
By Wooleybugger

I Am just your old utility trailer that is left to the side , feeling all alone until duty calls yet again. Then you will pull me from the forgotten place where you leave me in the shadows. Never do you pay me any attention unless there is money to be made or a work related task to be performed.
I have carried lots of things for you , and yes , I have even carried you.
Oh once I was brand new to you and you even boasted at what a find I was. Anywhere that you wanted me to go , I was eager to tag along.

Many was the time that you offered and lent me out to family and friends at a moments notice. When the work was completed after long hard hours , I was returned to my home. Sometimes these people would ask that I be available for an entire weekend or full week. It was you however that was lavished with praise. It was you that received the thanks and the adoration for my labor , not I.

This old utility trailer has done what it was asked. Did not matter if I wanted to or not as I was pimped out time and again. Sent out in the snow , ice and rain , or the heat and even in approaching tornados and hurricanes. When it was over , some of the same people that I had just served laughed behind my taillights and snickered at how I looked. All the while I felt good about the deed I had just help complete not knowing that I was being put down for my looks as that was the hot topic when I was gone out of sight. Not how they were thankful or appreciative for my time and effort appeasing their wants and needs.

Carried some awful heavy loads without the assistance from anyone even when it was their desire it be done. The times that I was overloaded no one cared but instead added some more on.
One time when my tires were worn and tired I gave it all I had , being forced to the brink. I was so heavily overloaded that one of my tires burst forth a blast of hot stale air. Didn't count , all the things that I had done for everyone. I was cursed and put down , called lazy and even told I'd let them down. Said I don't follow through and can't fulfill a task.

I may have rumbled and squeaked a little from time to time but , I pushed on and did my job always there for you.
All the while you never seemed to notice that my tires were wearing thin and paid no mind that my air was leaking out. My floor was about to wear out and all my wiring was starting to frazzle from lack of regular maintenance. Have you not noticed that my paint is fading and peeling from lack of much undivided needed attention from you. This old utility trailer needs some tender loving care to continue on.
No ! For when I am no longer needed just push me over there with the expectation I'll be there when the moment strikes you. I am passed by day after day ignored in the corner of the yard , with you knowing surely what I am in need of but don't really care.

Why it wasn't even noticed that my tag was missing for two weeks last year. Luckily it was found and put back where it belonged. One time it was even removed on purpose just to see if you would notice. It was not!
I long for the times that we did some things for fun. Creeping slowly through town in the local Christmas parade with a load of cub scouts safely nestled and riding on my floor. Lets not forget the times I hauled everything for the camping trips and, the to few loaded trips to the beach and even more stuff back.
When the short trips were over, again I was put to the side.... forgotten until the distant next time.

Ah , I am sad to say that this old utility trailer has grown tired of being a mule, always ignored and left out in the cold. It is caring and attention I need as my paint is fading away. Yes ! The time it is running out as my tags expiration date is looming ever closer each day.
My wiring craves tending and my tires need some air to keep moving along. Don't forget that the paint could use a little rub now and again.

Lots of people laugh and scoff at me forgetting what I've done. They treat me just as bad by pretending I'm not there.
Some of these impressionable people take their Que from you.


Billy Jones said...

I've always liked the way this story seems to be about more than a trailer.

WooleyBugger said...

Thanks Billy.And it is about more than just a trailer isn't it. I remember being outside one night with the dogs and eyeing the trailer sitting there and knowing how it felt if it could feel. Then the words came like a frying pan to the old noggin.