Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am What I am

Why Should I apologize for being a man
I was born this way, I am what I am
I like to look at the ladies , yes it is true
If you are one, well I’ll look at you too

Women will dress in some provocative cloths
Flaunting what they have , should I keep my eyes closed
Boobs and cleavage today its everywhere
The way some dress my wife wouldn’t dare

When I get caught under the spell of my stare
Some they get snide, "Quit looking down there"
Well quit walking round in your underwear
Cause I sure am willing , willing to stare

I really don’t mind it , no not one bit
I love looking at the ladies , so there , that’s it
If you are going to wear those tight dresses and pants
My eyes are gonna do that up and down dance

Some women, they try to play it like a game
Yes , they know men like , a scantily clad dame
They tell their wives , "oh what she wears is a shame"
But truth be known , hey you were checking the same

Some of these women act like we shouldn’t look
Oh , but you know they treat us as crooks
They dress to the hilt , they dress for the kill
And being the men we are , we certainly wish to fulfill

Cover it up if you don’t want me to see
We both know why you wear it , that’s the key
Lovely tanned boobs and butts in plain view
Quit acting like my looking’s not what I should do

Say that I should only look straight into your eyes
While you sit in the chair stroking your thighs
Pretend that your angry if I should make a remark
I can’t keep pretending I’m living in the dark

Its in a mans nature , we are born this way
We get tired of having to apologize for it everyday
We’ve been told to be gentlemen , lord knows we try
But if we keep pretending , well its all just a lie

So , why should I apologize for being a man
I was born this way Mam , I am what I am
I like to look at the ladies, yes its true , I wont lie
Just so you know , I’ll be looking, till the day that I die


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