Saturday, December 17, 2005

Storm Door Installation anyone? Mobile Mower Service?

It is a hassle to get that lawnmower over to the repair shop, much less a Riding mower when they are open. You have to take time off of work, and if they pick up, you have to wait around for them. What if your on your lunch break and only have a short time to wait. Maybe you work out of town so that makes it even harder. If it's only a service job you need then why take it to the shop. I have the training and experience to do service the work as well as engine rebuilds. Why heck, I can even rebuild the transaxles that most all shops send out to an outside source to be done.
That is what I was thinking and then my wife mentioned Storm Door Installations.

Just the other night the wife and I were talking about my job searching. I keep looking and looking for something all over and can't find much. Oh sure there are all the high end jobs on the Job search sites that all require you to have a degree. I don't have a degree for any of those besides, I don't like being cooped up in an office all day. Then there are all those low low paying jobs that you can't survive on. Sure, you'll be working but not much more than just getting by.....maybe.

I was looking in all the papers and the Job search sites and to tell you the truth... getting very depressed at the whole out look of finding a decent job. If I were to go back to my old job I still would be in the same situation as before. At this stage in my life after all the hard work that I've done I should be in a better position.

My wife suggested getting back in the Storm Door side of things. "Who do people call if they need a storm door installed or repaired?" she said.
Now I know you can go to Lowes or Home DePot to buy one but that's about it. They'll install it but when and who will fix, adjust or repair them after the sale? I could service apartment complexes and residential homes.

She told me that to remember that I worked with Storm Doors for over eleven years and, that I have installed them for family and friends on several occasions. Maybe I should look into doing that full time. After all, I have everything that I need to do it.
It was her idea to proceed with it. Looks as if I am at the point of having to work for myself because after all the looking and sending resumes, job interviews for the last six month's has done nothing to get me gainfully employed.
I'm doing the Temp job that has nothing to offer other than a tiny check that barely pays anything. I've tried on several occasions to get my foot in the door at the company they have me at. I've told them of what my qualifications are but they don't care a thing about that. Besides that, I've been finding out that it's not really that good of a place to work.

What do any of you think? Need one of these services?

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