Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bronze Henry Moore Sculpture is stolen in London.

The sculpture, that weighs a hefty two tons, is reported to have been stolen by three men with a crane and a flatbed truck.

The fractured image of a man performing the sexual oral position on a women is said to be worth 5.3 million dollars. Of course everyone says that it is a sculpture of a person reclining. But take a closer look and you can clearly see that it is a women sitting and braceing herself up on her right arm, her torso in a slight twist. The image of a man is at the waist.

I just wonder how these men got away with this theft with security cameras recording the whole thing.

Updated: 05:23 PM EST
Thieves Haul Off Mammoth Sculpture Near London

LONDON (Dec. 17) - Thieves using a flatbed truck and a crane snatched a two-ton Henry Moore bronze of a reclining figure from the grounds of the late sculptor's foundation north of London, police said Saturday.

Hertfordshire Constabulary, APThe bronze Henry Moore sculpture is worth more than $5.3 million. Talk About It: Post Thoughts

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