Monday, December 19, 2005

This past Sunday, my son and I spent the afternoon at the Burlington Shrine Club
in Burlington NC of course. They had old Saint Nick there to visit with all the great kids. He looked well rested and ready to begin his trip around the world this coming Saturday Night. We all dined on Hotdogs and Hamburgers and enjoyed talking and laughing with all the kids. What a great group of men and women over at the Shrine Club. Santa was most impressed to say the least.

His only request is that all the children be in bed at least by 9:o'clock this year. He is especially concerned about the children this year due to all this Christmas hoopla. Not to forget that this year many children have had to find new homes due to all the storms so he needs to get going a bit earlier to get to them all. Children who stay up late is cause for him to have to pass their homes until he can make it back when they are asleep. This causes him to waste valuable travel time plus the Reindeer have to work that much harder and longer.

Santa wishes to apologize if you get missed this year due to not being in bed on time. However, he just can not afford to keep going back and forth all night. He has to follow a very strict flight plan this year with the FAA and does not wish to forget or miss anyone. So... All that he asks of you all is to be in bed, asleep, by no later than 9:30 PM as he will be taking off much earlier than in years past. He also asks that you do not get up before 7:am on Christmas morning as this is how far he has been pushed out and may be just leaving your home then. So sleep a bit longer and get to bed earlier and you will find a gift or two under the tree.

Thank you very much in advance,
Santa Claus
C/O WooleyBugger

CC: Santa, Mrs. Claus, The Elves, All the Reindeer and the FAA, Billy the Blogging Poet.

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