Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas joy for the Deaf

Christmas is such a wonderful time for most of us
and we all search for the perfect gift in hopes that it will please each person. Sometimes we hit and some times we miss.

Now I do not know if anyone out there has thought about the hard of hearing or the deaf people in the world around them. There may be a child or an older person perhaps, even a not so old person who has difficulty within the world of the hearing. I'll just bet that you may know of someone who is in this predicament and there is a way to make their lives easier. You will also be saving a pet from a shelter.

Dogs for the deaf is an organization that saves these animals from the shelters of doom and gives them a real purpose for a long life. What they do is find dogs that are salvageable and train them to help alert deaf persons in daily alerts that most take for granted. They can be trained as alarm clocks, alert you to the phone, alert you to a fire alarm or a knock at the door. Why, they even train dogs to alert you to the baby crying in the home of a deaf person.

By giving one of these dogs to a deaf child or adult you will be going a long way to giving that person the life and independence they yearn for. And you will be saving a precious animal from certain death. What better Christmas gift for someone to receive from a caring loving person and a wonderful loving pet to boot. A gift that will be welcomed, depended on and adored for many years to come.

There are several places to go to find one of these animals for that person in need. Just for starters go and check out . It may just be the best gift you'll ever find for that special child or adult in need.

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