Friday, December 23, 2005

My Blog Page has only 254 views since I put on a counter to see how many stop in. Only 254 people that may have read my words. But then actually I look at it this away. That's 250 more people than would have read my stuff without this blog.
Well, I have had actually a huge number of people read my stuff elsewhere from a Magazine site that I write for. From all over the world as a matter of fact. Thanks to Dawn Skip from the "Soup Kitchen" magazine for printing my "Just an Old Utility Trailer" story over in Britain, I even had a host of readers from all over the world. But Billy Jones of "" was the reason Dawn even saw my story in the first place.

So yes. I am happier than a pig in a fresh mud puddle to have 254 visitors here. And I have Billy to thank for it all as he keeps me at it.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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