Friday, December 23, 2005

My Friend, Madrocka, made a posting about local bands and musicians getting heard. It is a must read for anyone wishing to support local bands.

I have a fellow right here in North Carolina who knows all to well about the business of being heard. This man is one hell of a song writer/singer, guitarist/fiddle player musician and his heart is in the right place. His Charlie Daniels personally autographed fiddle can make you weep or jump up to your feet.

His taking up the Fiddle is a funny story in itself.
Seems this fellow Bryan knows has bought himself a Fiddle and took lessons to play it for quite some time. He wanted Bryan to come by and hear him play. After all the money spent on lessons and time spent trying to play he still was having problems. The man was frustrated and not being able to play like he wanted but was proud of what he could do. Bryan, having never played a Fiddle asked if he could mess with it some.
The man told him that he was welcome to try it out and if he could play it better than him....he could have it. Bryan sat down for a few minutes getting the feel for where the notes were. He said the first song that popped into his head was the Flintstones cartoon show theme. (He has no idea why) He began to play it and added in some twists of his own while the man stood there with his mouth open. When Bryan was finished playing with the Fiddle ........ the man said "Hell. Take it, it's yours. I've been playing it for a long time and you pick it up and can play it like that after only a few minutes."
Thats how Bryan became a Fiddle player too.

I've known him personally for over thirty years and he is still working the music business with all it's ups and downs. He keeps fighting for it everyday and he fights for the little guy as he knows. Oh, he knows how tough it can be. He performs covers and originals and will play just about any song requested. It's amazing that he just about anything that is requested from Rock to Blues to Bluegrass. His fiddle playing should be called BlurGrass

go check out to see what he's about. If your up this way check out one of his shows billed under "Thick and Thin" cause your going to love it.

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