Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Picture publishing from my downloads is giving me a fit.

I'm no computer junkie so that makes it even harder. I looked up at the clock and realized that I have been trying to figure out how to get some cool Motorcycle pictures, sent to me in downloads and emails, to my blog spot for almost three hours. I went this way and that way but can't get it to work. Edit paste, nope that won't work. Drag to the site, nope that won't work. Cut and paste, nope that won't work either etc etc. Then I stumbled up on something I thought would work and moved the picture but it went up but not on the site. Where the hell did it go? F%$K if I know what happened to it. It's now floating around out there somewhere. I can put up pictures from my picture section but not from emails and downloads. Of course when ever I consult the help section what I need to find is never in there. Never. Pages and pages of garbage that never relates to what I am looking for.

I was getting extremely pissed off at all of this and got up to get a hammer to beat the crap out of this computer. Then I started typing this and got to laughing. But I know me and if I begin again to try and figure it out right now.....I'll get so blanking pissed that I'm gonna bust something up. I have a good mind to drag this thing down the road letting it bounce off the pavement some. Then what ever is left will become the victim of twelve gauge shotgun rage blasted into itty bitty pieces.

Then I'll sit back and laugh....laugh like a mad man. After that I'll piss all over it too. LOL


MadRocka said...

Wooley save the pics as Jpeg on your comp... then when you compose scroll the edit buttons at the top of the box... you are typing in when you see the image button... click it and you should have the option to browse your comp and upload...

If this does not work... UH UH Dunno

get a Flickr account to store some of your photos... You can add your link or flickr badge to your blog....then people can view your pics there as well.

If ya need anything scream at me and I'll try to walk you through it

WooleyBugger said...

I'll give that a shot.

Thanks Dawlin