Thursday, December 01, 2005

Youth Minister hangs himself.

I was having a bad day at work today and was at my wits end. So at lunch I had to call the wife just to hear her voice. Even though we are having a hard time lately and things are not going the way we would like them to be going, of all the people that I could have called, she was the only person who came to mind. So I called and just wanting to hear her voice I asked what she was doing. Then I wanted to know what she had planned for dinner tonight and she had no idea. I said "Well I just found some coupons in the paper for Arby's junior Roast beef sandwiches. Six for six dollars. How about I pick some up while I run our son to game masters. Hey! He has been wanting to play Monopoly so we could have a family night. We have not had one of those in a long time."
She said that sounded good but she would take him to the game masters as she would be out that way anyhow.

Then she tells me about the school day the kids are having today. It's not a very good day and our son could maybe use some cheering up as a lot of his friends are upset at the news. Turns out that a youth pastor in town hung himself in the youth ministry chapel at his church and was found this morning.

"Oh my god." I say to her.

She tells me the news that she has heard from one of her customers. After learning this, my day did not seem as bad as my thoughts and prayers went out to all the children and I wondered why he did it. My work day problems just felt so trivial at best and not worth mention.

When I arrive home with the Arby's in tow, my wife tells me the update on the youth minister and why he did what he had done. I give my son a big hug and ask him how he is. Now, he did not know this man but he knows several kids that have attended his ministry. So my son felt extremely bad for all those kids.
My wife then tells me that the youth minister hung himself because of an indictment that was just handed down on him. He was indicted on multiple indecent liberties with under age girls in his group.
Now I truly feel for these young girls and I don't know what to feel except anger at this man who was a trusted youth minister. It doesn't matter at all that the church is a very upscale church ministry or whether it was small, the fact is that this man did the unspeakable. Just who can you trust these days with our children? I just don't know anymore. I really don't.