Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Big oil and Big Government make Poor People

Big oil is using the excuse of large storms and anything else they can find to justify rising costs at the pumps and for heating homes. I never believed a word of it and neither should you. The largest companies are reporting the biggest profits ever. To date they have pulled in a combined profit of $254 Billion since Bush was elected in 2001. The company with the largest profit in history is Exxon/Mobile. They have had $89 billion which includes $9.92 billion in just the third quarter profits alone.

Shell comes in at $60.7 billion

BP with $53 billion

Chevron/Texaco has $31 billion and

Conoco/Phillips has $20 billion.

Did you know that $220 million energy money has been given to the Republican party since 1994 (

With those two working together with their hands in each others pockets, do you think the prices will ever come down?
Its killing the Airlines, Trucking and Industry and everyone else too. When it all boils down to it and companies keep moving away and shutting down, then who will be able to afford to live. It just won't matter which stores have the best prices in town when nobody is left with a job to buy anything. And don't count on the Police, Ambulance service or the Fire Departments showing up. A lot of Cities and Towns are already in a bind fuel wise that they just can't give us the travel coverage they used to.
What good are Government regulations when the Oil Companies and the Government are in the same bed together? The results are a Covernment child ( Corporate-Government ) from the marriage.

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